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My name is Jean (Pierre).
Born in 1945 and residing  in the historical city Gent, East-Flanders, the Flemisch speaking part of Belgium. At the age of 14 I got my first soldering iron.
Ham operator since  begin 70' as ON1CJ and since 1977 with my final license as ON6YC.

After retiring in 2003 from the Gent City Police Departement, I spent a lot of time with antenna experiments in my small garden.
Now enjoy  working DX  on 40 m. band with a low profile station and home brew magnetic loop antenna.

For HF   Kenwood TS-990
Ameritron ALS-500 linear amplifier.
Magnetic loop Tuner   Loftur Tuner
SWR  and Power - Powermaster and   MetroPWR FX771
Antenna rotator   Create RC5-3
As second rig I use an IC-7300 and the FT-991 for 2m, 70 cm and HF.
Portable FT-2DE.
Mobile a FT-857 with ATAS antenna and FTM-400DR.
For QRP  the   FDM-DUO   SDR HF  transceiver from ELAD, max. 6 Watt  out.

My rigs
My small shack. On overlay worked stations, 40 m band phone with home made magnetic loop antenna.           

Some audio recordings I made from friends ZL1BMW, ZL1AIX and ZL2SQ on 40m band.

Because of local regulations and a lack of space I tryed different small verticals and wire antennas with poor results. At last I found the solution in a magnetic loop antenna.
After retiring I  build a magnetic loop antenna and after a lot of tests and modifications the results where very satisfying. For the first time I could work real DX from my location.
Now I have a good working magnetic loop for 40 and 80 m band.
The size is 2.5 m diameter, 4.2 m above ground level.
Also a smaller loop for 20m band. Size 1 m diameter and 2.5 m above ground.

My antenna

If you are interested in the way I calculated and made the magnetic loop antenna you find more information on the next pages.

Thanks for your visit.

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