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My name is Jean (Pierre), Ham operator since 1975.
I reside in the historical city Ghent, East-Flanders, the Flemisch speaking part of Belgium.
Build  in 1945 and since a few years retired.
Enjoy  working DX with my low profile station and home brew magnetic loop antenna.

Microphone Neumann TLM 103.
Ameritron ALS-500 linear amplifier.
SWR bridge  Powermaster.
Antenna rotator Create RC5-3.
As second rig I use the IC-7300 and FT-991 for 2m, 70 cm and HF.
Portable FT-2DE.
Mobile a FT-857 with ATAS antenna and FTM-400DR.
For QRP  the FDM-DUO SDR HF  transceiver from ELAD, max. 6 Watt  out.


QRP software defined radio , you can use almost anywhere. The build quality looks perfect, also inside. Works great with or without computer.
Inside a small speaker and a lot of connections on the backside.
My rigs
My small shack. On overlay worked stations, 40 m band phone with home made magnetic loop antenna.           

Some audio recordings I made from friends ZL1BMW, ZL1AIX and ZL2SQ on 40m band.

Because of local regulations and a lack of space I tryed different antennas with poor results. At last I found the solution in a magnetic loop antenna.
So in 2009 I  build a magnetic loop antenna and after a few models the results where very satisfying. For the first time I could work real DX from my location.
Now I have a good working magnetic loop for 40 and 80 m band.
The size is 2.5 m diameter, 4.2 m above ground level.
Also a smaller loop for 20m band. Size 1 m diameter and 2.5 m above ground.

My antenna

If you are interested in the way I calculated and made the magnetic loop antenna you find more information on the next pages.

My weather.

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